» interactive window disPLAY

interactive window disPLAY


The ‘interactive window disPLAY project concept was to create an interaction between the audiences and the installation. The digital-floral display was projected onto a screen, but disappears when the audiences ‘touched’ them. The disappearance of the digital flowers responded to audiences’ movements when they walked pass the window panel. This creates an engaging experience that allows street audiences to “play” and interact with the brand on display. The installation was further enhanced with subtle and non-interactive projection mapping that was mapped onto the dress’ ornaments.

The project was coded using Processing, and floral graphics were designed using Adobe Flash.




In collaboration with fashion designer, Chiyono Anne Jaeger, who provides one of her exclusive dress collections for the mannequin. The dress collection named “Crystallized” embraced the concept of interplay between white and translucent materials. As such, digital flowers are given transparency effect to give the illusion of seamless blending of colors when the flowers overlaid on one another.

Street passers-by were seen engaged with the installation.



During the prototype stage, tracing papers are used to test its credibility onto the real scale, which are deemed appropriate as good amount of light from projector able to pass through the material.


Testing installation: