» Brochure cover design

Brochure cover design

Project Title: Institute of Create Technologies (IOCT) brochure cover design
Software:  Adobe Photoshop CS5
URL:  http://www.ioct.dmu.ac.uk/documents/masters_showcase12.pdf

The IOCT, where I am currently studying for my Masters programme, held a Masters’ students Creative Technologies Showcase event on 17-18 May 2012. The event was held within the premise of the university grounds. The brochure acts as a reference point, featuring each Masters students’ biodata to be made known during the event.

The brief idea concept of the brochure design cover (as shown below) was initiated by another Masters student, Simon Kerr.

Based on Kerr’s design concept, I further developed it into a digital format. Prior to the designing, several consideration on the specifications that is suitable for printing were noted- such as working on CMYK format, accounted for the print bleed areas, working on a high resolution of at least 300 dpi, and exporting to a suitable printing format. Constant liaising with the printer company was done so as to achieve a good quality of print out.