» Multimedia / UI

Flash Application & Interactivity

My coursework project for Interactive Media & Application module, title “Your Singapore“. This project enable users to read information about Singapore on its festival celebrations celebrated among its people, and also highlighting the main group of Singaporeans. I used Flash AS3 for the coding, and...


Flash CD-ROM App for Kids

Project: Marshall Cavendish (Singapore) Pte Ltd (previously known as Times Publishing Pte Ltd) I designed the graphic elements and animation for the learning content on kids’ CD-ROM courseware using Flash. I had to plan and developed the visuals based on the specifications as planned by the instructional...


Greeting eCard

Project: Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East, Singapore I designed and animated a series of Eid Mubarak greeting e-card, where staffs and students of ITE were able to download and send a collection of e-cards to their friends and relatives. The project was fully done...


Online Portal Interface Design

Project: Institute of Technical Education (College East) A collaboration staff project between programmers and myself as a designer, where I am contributed to the main page design of the interface for an online portal. Software: Adobe Flash CS3