Website Design of Forest Friday

Forest Friday – The Handmade Company, emphasis on using natural and gentle ingredients to curb problematic and allergic skin issues. The use of clean look for a contemporary and ease to navigate is the main visual language appeal being applied in this project. The project...


Diary of a Traveler

Blessed with numerous counts to travel to almost all continents of the world, hence, this 3D project was an inspiration as a compilation of my travel experiences into a photo-book. This self-exploration project was also to experiment on image masking (applied on trees), techniques of...


Rustic Village

Self-exploration project on a 3D scene of a rustic village. Project done using Autodesk 3DS Max.  


interactive window disPLAY

The ‘interactive window disPLAY‘ project concept was to create an interaction between the audiences and the installation. The digital-floral display was projected onto a screen, but disappears when the audiences ‘touched’ them. The disappearance of the digital flowers responded to audiences’ movements when they walked...


Interactive Garden Art Installation

Rainbows Children’s Hospice Garden installation project serves as an innovative garden that uses an advanced technology to detect audiences passing by the webcam. The supporting directional sound was also in place to encourage passersby to pause and look at the garden. The webcam then tracked...

brochure design

Brochure cover design

Project Title: Institute of Create Technologies (IOCT) brochure cover design Software:  Adobe Photoshop CS5 URL: The IOCT, where I am currently studying for my Masters programme, held a Masters’ students Creative Technologies Showcase event on 17-18 May 2012. The event was held within the...


Flash Application & Interactivity

My coursework project for Interactive Media & Application module, title “Your Singapore“. This project enable users to read information about Singapore on its festival celebrations celebrated among its people, and also highlighting the main group of Singaporeans. I used Flash AS3 for the coding, and...

Dark Alley

Silent Night

Project: Self-exploration 3D environment scene of a dark alley. Scene was modeled and textured in 3D Studio Max, while the lighting was done using Maya.